Competiton Costs


Choreography Fees*:

  • Solos (3 hours) $300.00

  • Duets & Trios (3 hours) $175.00

  • Groups (4-7) (max. 9 hours) $150.00


*All fees are per person and include the use of the facilities, choreography, cleaning of the routine and music preparation.

Choreography fees will be invoiced upon completion of the Competition Approval Form, and can be made payable to Boundless Dance Studio. All Choreography Fees are due by SEPTEMBER 23rd, 2016 and are NON REFUNDABLE. 


Competition Entry Fees:

In order to enter any competition, you must pay an entry fee. As every competition charges different entry fees, we have averaged the costs of the three (3) studio competitions we participated in last year (GST is included in all fees):

  • Solos $190.00/solo for all three competitions

  • Duets/Trios $140.00/dancer for all three competitions

  • Groups $110.00/dancer for all three competitions

You can expect to pay these amounts for this season pending entry fees stay relatively the same - but entry fees are subject to change.

An invoice will be sent out for each individual student .To be entered into a competition by Boundless Dance Studio, you must submit your cheque as requested on your invoice emailed to you. Payments are to be made payable to Boundless Dance Studio and must be returned by the deadline provided.


Prop Fees:

A fee will be charged for props used for competition numbers. The total cost of the props used, would be divided between the participants in the number.


Costume Fees:

The amount set on a solo, duet or trio costume depends on the type of design and cost of the material you choose.

When picking your costume designs and material, you must ensure you have approved everything with the instructor who has choreographed the routine before incurring any costs.

You may choose to have your costumes custom made, ordered from one of the studio's selected catalogue or purchase your own. If ordering from a catalogue, PARENTS are responsible for writing style #, colour, size chosen for dancer on the order form.

The choreographer has final approval on all costume designs and will decide all group costumes.

You can expect to pay an average of $150 - $200 for a group costume.


Summer Intensive Workshop Audition Fees:

All competitive students MUST attend the studio Summer Intensive Workshop

  • Audition Aug 23rd-25th $200.00


Boundless Team Wear:

Show your BDS PRIDE!!
All competitive students will be required to purchase an official competitive team jacket and wear it at all BDS competitive team events. Other clothing options will be available to purchase as well.