Competitive Dance Expectations


It is expected that a dancer wanting to participate in the competitive program be committed and understand what is expected of them. A lot of extra time, practice and costs are required and must be fully understood before committing to the competitive program. Boundless Dance Studio strongly encourages students to work together as a team, therefore every student will be expected to adhere to the following:


1. It is understood that in order to compete you must attend ballet class, stretch class, and the elective classes you have chosen on a REGULAR & CONSISTENT BASIS. If you choose not to attend your classes regularly, you will be notified and asked not to participate in the appropriate competitive numbers. Please be considerate and respectful by notifying the studio if you will be absent at 256-2100 Students and Parents are required to:


2. Fill out & Return Competition Wish List (with birth certificate)

  • Fill out and sign an Approval Form

  • Attend Competition Meeting

  • Attend the MANDATORY studio Summer Intensive Work shop Audition August 23rd-25th (fees due June 17th, 2016)

  • Attend mandatory dress rehearsals

  • Attend all three (3) studio competitions 


3.Students are required to be in attendance once choreography of group numbers has commenced, through to the conclusion of the competitive season at the end of May. It is mandatory for all students to be in attendance for the last 2 scheduled competition rehearsals and the week before any studio competition (with the exception of the Studio's closure for March Break). *Dancers are only allowed 2 absences from scheduled rehearsals* We strongly encourage everyone to work as a team and be considerate to fellow classmates, instructors and staff, as absences can effect your own performance as well as those of other dancers.


4. It is the dancer's responsibility to remember choreography to learn and practice any choreography missed due to absences before their next practice. If choreography is forgotten, it may result in a student being pulled from the group number or billed an additional fee of $25.00 for loss of time. Every student is required to have practice music for all competitive routines they are participating in.


5. To ensure no time is being lost, we ask that all dancers ensure muscles are stretched and warmed up properly for the appropriate competitive number before entering all choreography classes and extra competition lessons.




7. Please Note: Dancers must be involved in the group competition numbers in a specific discipline, to be considered for a solo, duo, trio or small group of that said discipline. (ie: ballet group, then ballet solo/duo etc.)


Please keep in mind that participation in the
Competitive Programs is a PRIVILEGE and needs to be
worked for and earned…not just expected.