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The studio will participate in three (3) competitions this year. It is understood that once you have commitment to a solo, duet or group, you are agreeing to participate in all three studio competitions. Every competition number (solos, duets, groups, etc.) will be entered in all three studio events unless otherwise stated or approved by instructors and Miss Jen.

If you cannot commit to all three (3) competitions, please do not consider yourself for the competitive program.



Prior to the first rehearsal, students are required to supply 2 choices of music for their solos, duos & trios. During the first rehearsal, the choreographer and students will finalize the music choice. All music for groups is chosen only by the choreogra-pher. Please ensure you have a copy of your music to practice—Please bring in a blank CD for your choreographer to make a copy.

Every student participating in a group is strongly encouraged to practice their routines with music. Please ensure you have a copy of all of your group music.


Scheduling Private Lessons:

Competition private lessons will run during the week if there is time available, other-wise the majority of lessons will run on the weekend.

**Schedules will be emailed**


Cancellation Policy:

If for any reason you are unable to attend your private lesson, we ask that you find someone to swap times with or take your place. If you can not do so, please advise the appropriate choreographer at least 24 hours before your scheduled time so other arrangements can be made, otherwise you will be charged $25 (payable in cash) to the choreographer. We ask that you respect the instructor's availability, as there is limited amount of time and space to do competition choreography . Commitment is required when agreeing to taking on extra competition work.


Mandatory Competition Information Meeting

Stay tuned for 2020-2021 meeting.


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